How To Make Visiting a Grooming Salon Easier For Your Dog

How To Make Visiting a Grooming Salon Easier For Your Dog

While many dogs love a visit to the grooming salon, it is not uncommon for some of our first-time canine customers to be anxious or apprehensive. However, this does not need to be the case. Much of this usually stems from a dog’s uncertainty about the stimuli they encounter in a grooming salon, so can be resolved with a little training.

As dogs learn associatively, the main way to make visiting a grooming salon easier for your four-legged friend is simply by taking them there on a semi-regular basis and engaging in pleasurable activities. This could be playing or providing daily feeds on its premises. The more this is done, the greater the positive association your dog will build with the salon. In its mind, the grooming salon is first and foremost a place where good things happen, so it should be celebrated as a cause for excitement rather than concern.

Similarly, try to replicate some of the conditions your dog will come across in the salon at home. If your dog appears scared of key pieces of equipment such as brushes, try and buy at least one and have it present while feeding or playing with your dog. Again, this reduces the negative associations your dog may be having with them while ideally building new and positive ones. Dog grooming equipment is readily available both online and in pet shops and can be very useful in mentally preparing for a salon visit.

Finally, it is often worthwhile accompanying and remaining with your dog for the first time being groomed. Your presence will be reassuring and prevent them from having a negative experience which could very well create problematic associations further down the line. As per the groomer’s direction you should pet, play with, and feed your dog’s treats to distract it from new stimuli.

Based in Holme-on-Spalding-Moor, East Yorkshire, we have vast experience in providing grooming treatments to all kinds of dogs, including more nervous ones. If your dog has particular needs, then please do advise us and we will do our very best to accommodate them.


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