Why do dogs act strangely after haircuts?
Grooming sessions and haircuts, as well as their after-effects can feel odd to many dogs, especially if their coats have been allowed to grow a certain way for a long period of time. What appears to be strange behaviour is often just your dog adjusting to the new way it feels and is nothing to worry about.
How to groom long and short-haired dogs
Many pet owners groom their dogs themselves at home. Whether your dogs have long or shorter hair, this is usually possible. Grooming equipment is readily available online, but should not necessarily be undertaken by default. If a dog has sensitive skin or certain medical conditions, this is usually best left to professionals who fully understand how to work around these challenges. Golden Bone’s premier dog grooming salon and spa is located on Holme-on-Spalding-Moor’s high street. We are able to groom all dogs, and look forward to seeing you and your pooch soon.
Why it’s worth having your dog professionally groomed
While possible to groom your dog at home, we would always recommend outsourcing this to professionals. Professional groomers can offer unparalleled levels of care and expertise that go far beyond daily or weekly brushing and combing. Our professional groomers can give a wide range of luxury treatments based out of our salon in Holme-on-Spalding-Moor. To find out more, please call or email us.
How long will it take to groom a small dog?
Unfortunately there is no easy answer to this question! The time taken to groom any size of dog depends how long their coat is, what treatments and products they are receiving, and how well they behave. It is often faster to groom a well-behaved and settled but larger dog than an anxious and very mobile Chihuahua or Border Terrier.
How to find the right dog groomer
With so many options to choose from, deciding which dog groomer to use can often be difficult. We would recommend considering online reviews, customer testimonials, and staff experience and qualification levels. It is also worth asking if the staff and owners have dogs themselves (we would never take a dog we own to a salon owned and staffed by people without dog experience themselves).
Why is pet grooming so expensive?
Grooming pets requires a high level of hard-earned skill. It is also often time-consuming, and quality grooming products come at premium prices. While good dog grooming may not be cheap, its price certainly justifies the quality of product.
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