Common Dog Grooming Equipment – Golden Bone

Common Dog Grooming Equipment – Golden Bone

Taking your dog to the grooming salon for the first-time can be a nerve-wracking experience. If you yourself do not know how they will be treated, then this may be a source of anxiety which your dog could very well perceive through you. We often find that familiarising clients with basic grooming equipment can be a great source of reassurance.

A tether and table are two of the most basic pieces of equipment we will use. They allow us to secure your dog in a particular space and raise it to a level where we can comfortably work on it. We will also often use muzzles for both our own and the dog’s safety. This will only be for the shortest time possible and is useful in helping prevent nervous nipping causing injuries.

You can also expect to see a shower of sorts and various shampoos and conditioners. If we are providing an in-depth spa session that requires us to wash your dog, then a showerhead is often the best tool possible. This will be used at safe temperatures along with medicated shampoos and conditioners if your dog is known to have any kind of skin or coat sensitivities.

We will also likely use an array of brushes, electric clippers, and nail-trimmers and files. All of these have specific purposes for grooming such as removing matting, pulling out dead hairs, cutting claws, and trimming fur. We are very experienced, and know just how to use them safely and as intended.

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