Five Breeds that Require Professional Grooming

Five Breeds that Require Professional Grooming

While many working and pet dog owners are happy to undertake regular grooming themselves, it is often advisable to leave such work to professionals.

There are number of dogs who are best only groomed professionally, and this blog will identify them as well as explain why this is the case:

  1. Poodles may have a reputation for elegance, but this requires significant amounts of work. As their coats have two parts (a finer bottom layer and thicker hair on top) which easily become matted, this can require effort and expertise to tackle. Given how large the Standard Poodle is, a professional groomer can offer owners significant convenience by undertaking regular brushing and washing
  2. German Shepherd Dogs are often nicknamed “German Shedders” because of how much of their coat they blow throughout the year! While this can be somewhat expected given they are double-coated, German Shepherds lead the shedding tables. Grooming often gets messy, and using a professional salon can save on stress and clean-up effort
  3. Pulis are a Hungarian herding breed best known for their long and matted dreadlock-like coats. Perhaps surprisingly, grooming is usually relatively quickly whereas drying their coats after a wash is far more time-consuming. A groomer’s specialised equipment is more likely to achieve this than what dog owners hold at home, offering a certain level of ease
  4. Alaskan Malamutes are somewhat similar to German Shepherd Dogs in that their high levels of shedding often mean grooming is a messy and troublesome experience to clean up after. Their large size naturally means they shed more fur than a smaller dog, so a professional groomer may offer Malamute owners a level of convenience that would otherwise be unavailable
  5. Dogs with skin and coat conditions should also usually only be professionally groomed. Commonly available over the counter shampoos and conditioners often aggravate such dogs’ skin. Professional groomers will have a good level of understanding about what products are best used, and be able to advise on appropriate aftercare and maintenance once you get home

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