Top Tips on Raising a Healthy Dog

Top Tips on Raising a Healthy Dog

Ultimately, dog owners want the best for their pet or working animal. While this most obviously manifests itself as happiness and contentment, health is ultimately the most important factor dog owners ought to be concerned with. This may seem intimidating, but there are a number of manageable steps you can take to raise a healthy dog. This blog will offer our top tips for achieving this.

We would also love to hear what you have found best for your dogs!

  1. Nutrition underpins a dog’s health. A significant number of health and wellbeing issues stem from inadequate nutrition and poor feed quality. Sadly, modern pet food producers often prioritise profit over wholesomeness resulting in a market proliferation of sub-standard and unhealthy feeds. Cheap carbohydrates are used as “fillers” instead of lean proteins. When combined with a lack of adequate exercise, this often leads to obesity and a range of other health conditions which may limit your dog’s quality of life, and ultimately its lifespan
  2. Dogs must exercise if they are to be healthy. As the evolutionary descendants of wolves, dogs have certain characteristics one would expect of a natural hunter and predator. One of these is a requirement for regular activity to maintain and support health. Failure to adequately exercise your day may result in obesity, poor cardiovascular function, and other quality of life limiting ailments. These are relatively easily avoided by two brisk walks a day, or frequent activity throughout the day
  3. Dogs experience mental as well as physical health. They are deeply intelligent animals with complex social and psychological needs. Failure to meet these needs often has a deeply negative impact. When this is the case, dogs can become withdrawn with their quality of life decreasing. Stimulating activities such as obedience training, scentwork, and sniff walks are convenient ways to promote mental health in your dog, and can relatively easily be incorporated into daily activities


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