How to Keep a Dog Calm While Grooming

How to Keep a Dog Calm While Grooming

A common challenge for dog owners and groomers are their animals becoming distressed and difficult to groom. This may be for a variety of reasons such as previous negative experiences in similar settings, a salon being an unknown environment, or their owner being away from them. Having said that, there are plenty of ways to keep a dog calm while grooming. All our staff have experience in working with anxious dogs, so this is nothing for you to worry about.

Prevention is better than cure. Given that dogs learn associatively we would always recommend introducing your dog their grooming salon in a fun way from an early age. Even if no grooming actually occurs, it can be hugely beneficial for dogs to spend time in this environment so they can become accustomed to the sounds, sights, and scents which characterise it. We have found that plying your dog with treats and playing fun games is a great way of building positive associations with the salon which make later grooming sessions far easier. Even if your dog is older, it can still be useful to build these positive associations with visits before grooming takes place.

If a dog proves distressed in a salon, we have still found plenty of ways to calm them and keep them happy. These included only brief exposures to stimuli that are causing alarm, plenty of treats, and reassuring pets. Owners may also want to provide us with an unwashed piece of clothing so their dog can always be exposed to a familiar and comforting scent while you are away.

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