Top Reasons Why Your Dog Should Visit A Professional Groomer

Top Reasons Why Your Dog Should Visit A Professional Groomer

Almost all dog breeds, with a few exceptions (such as the Chinese Crested Dog, Mexican Hairless Dog, and African Hairless Dog), have fur coats. Naturally, these require some degree of care and a professional groomer should always be considered. There are many benefits to bringing your dog to a professional groomer which this blog hopes to demonstrate:

1.Professional groomers have a level of expertise which most dog owners simply do not possess. Years of experience and training have equipped them to provide the best service possible. Professional groomers will understand how to work with anxious dogs, and ensure that grooming is a positive experience. This can be daunting to many owners, so is best left to professionals

2. Professional groomers may be better equipped to work with dogs suffering from medical conditions such as mange or dry skin. Medicated shampoos, conditioners, and body washes are often expensive, so it is usually more affordable to have your dog professionally groomed along with a coat wash than purchasing them yourself for infrequent use

3. Grooming and washing a dog can often be time-consuming and messy. If your dog is a high-shedding breed such as a Samoyed or German Shepherd, then the amount of fur the grooming process casts can be untenable for many homeowners. Similarly, a wet dog running round the house can cause chaos! Professional groomers are able to meet such challenges more easily than those working on their dogs at home, so represent a significant convenience

4. Dogs are inherently intelligence and require multisensory stimulation for their wellbeing. A grooming salon is one of the most stimulation-rich environments you can bring your dog to given the multitude of smells and sounds it can generate. Visiting a professional groomer can be useful enrichment in and of itself, which is a significant added benefit to the main objective of being groomed.


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